KaHo Yue is a Hong Kong-based director who works in film, TV, music, commercials, fashion and art, experimenting visual art through different platforms. Founder of Novelty Lane Media. Born in 1980, he started his career as an independent film director after studying at the School of Visual Art in New York. KaHo is an uprising director who has participated in numerous international film festivals include Taipei International Short Film Festival, 2012, 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2007, 17th Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden, 2006, Remi Award, 39th Worldfest Houston, U.S.A, 2006, San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, U.S.A, 2006, Special Program, 16th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2005.


Novelty Lane Fashion Video - You Talking To Me?!

8K12 Brian Cha

Uptown Downtown

MV Superhero 驚天動地

MV Wish me Happy Valentine’s Day 祝我情人節快樂

MV Sheep 綿羊

MV Let’s hold hands 不如牽手

MV Sea + Dream 海之夢